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WIKORA at a glance

Formation of the company by Ing. Wilhelm Kornacker
1955 Introduction of the WIKORA trade mark
1968Development of the gas-powered storage tank GH 80
1976Development of the first indirectly heated domestic hot water storage tank
1999Introduction of the WIKOSOL-series
2000 Mass production of large storage tanks
2003 Further expansion into solar technology and development of complete solar heating systems
2010First supplier to offer 10 years warranty on hygienic water storage tanks
2011Introduction of the chilled water buffer tanks WKS and definition of a system standard
2012Harmonization and optimization of the WIKORA storage tank range
2015Presentation of new solar thermal flat collectors
Management handover
2018Introduction of new tube collectors HP 2340/1240
2019Insolvency and discontinuation of business
2020Continuation of the spare parts and accessories business for all Wikora and Nova products by ABSol Germany GmbH, based in Blaubeuren